About Us




The world of marketing is constantly changing with new innovations and ideas but the fundamental principal of Marketing has always been the creation of a message, the insertion of that message into a piece of content and the transmission of that content over a channel to an audience in an effort to build brands, increase demand and move people down sales funnels. The same is true today except our target audience is never located in one places that’s why at CTL we are working with a variety of stakeholders to come up with these new forms of mobile advertising that will allow your company to reach the mass markets anytime and anywhere. 

Combining these forms of Advertising such as the TukTuk Branding, Static Billboard, Mobile Billboards and Uber Vehicals Branding will give your company the highest form of visibility and is sure to make a grand statement by increasing overall brand visibility, creating brand awareness and propagating brand loyalty throughout Kenya. 



Cheza Tech Limited is a forward thinking Marketing and Advertising Company Based in Kenya. Our focus is on new technologies, innovations and ideas. At Cheza Tech, we know that a brand can’t stand out in this crowded market without the right type of engagement. Brands usually indulge in marketing campaigns that have become somehow repetitive and somewhat boring to most consumers. Our customisable mobile-solutions include delivering and operating a fleet of Tuk-Tuks, Mobile Billboards and Uber Vehicles  and more based on your needs to help boost your brand image and enhance your marketing campaign. From product sampling, roadshows, to on-ground marketing, we work on all fronts to make your brand unique.

Our primary goal is to create brand awareness for clients and increase their overall conversion rates and revenue. We do this by using new innovative approaches to reach target customers and in turn create an exciting eco-system in which the advertisers message can be spread.