About Us

The Idea


They say Kenya is Africa's Silicon Valley with a promising startup scene and ecosystem. There has been a tremendous growth in the internet users within Kenyan and this is predominantly because of the growing investment in infrastructure making it more accessible and overtime affordable. The growth in Internet usage can also be attributed to the growth in smartphone usage with a recent study finding that 65% of the Kenyan population use smartphone with this figure forecasted to increase over the next few year. But you know they say that without the right tools even the best professionals can not work efficiently and thats where we come in. Our aim is to give you the right tools in order to flourish in this growing market. Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea or a company looking to drive up sales use us as you tool to success.  



Culture is a very important thing. It defines who you are and gives you a clear direction of what you can be, thats why at Cheza Tech we aim to take the little seed that is your idea and grow it into a fully functional platform. But thats not all for even a fully grown tree needs to be watered regularly to survive, in that same way your fully functional platform needs the right marketing in order to survive and flourish and at Cheza Tech we have the right tools to make that possible

The Future


The future looks promising for those who act now. As an individual if you have an idea you think is great then get in touch with us and let us help you make it a reality, remember your idea is worth nothing on paper. 

As a company i urge you to think about your strategy and if its not focused on going online or mobile then i would recommend you re-think it because the world is already online and now its Africas turn