SMS Marketing


The Masai

The Maasai Is a symbol of Kenya. Since we can remember the Maasai's have always carried two things everywhere, their spear and their Shield. Fast forward to today and and one more thing has been added a Mobile Phone, it may not be a smart phone but it is a phone. 



Did you know that only 12% of your Facebook posts have actually been read, out of all those countless tweets you've sent out only 29% are actually being read (Well, unless your Donald Trump). Where as on average 98% of text messages sent out will be read by the people receiving them


Kenya is one of the leading countries in Mobile penetration with almost 40 Million subscribers, so what better way to reach the Mwananchi than through SMS? 


Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, promote timely offers, build customer loyalty, or improve customer service we can help you achieve your goal at an affordable cost. 

Our SMS marketing platform is a great opportunity for small businesses AND large companies to step up their marketing game And send out information to millions of their customers.

How we can help

Traditionally the main for of marketinh in Kenya is through Newspaper ads or Billboards, but how do you know how many people are coming to your business because of that advert or billboard, how do you justify spending hundreds of thousands and not be able to calculate the Return On Investment of that?

SMS Marketing offers a new innovative approach to getting quantifiable results 


Bronze Package - 0 - 100,000 Messages @ Kshs 3.5/- pm

Silver Package - 101,000- 500,000 @ 3/- pm 

Gold package - 501,000 - 1M @ 2.5/- pm

Diamond Package - 1M+ @ 2/- pm

*Prices are exclusive of VAT