TukTuk Marketing



Tuk Tuks have evolved to be one of the main forms of transportation within Western Kenya. Currently there are approximately 3500 active TukTuks within the region carrying passengers and interacting with motor vehicle traffic daily. At Cheza Tech we have partnered with a network of TukTuks to allow us to maximize our visibility by leveraging the sides and the back of these very mobile transporters. 


1. An affordable way to advertise

Instead of taking the expensive option to erect billboards, your business can take creative approach to market its products and publicise the brand by masking tuk tuks with branded, well decorated canopies and wraps to easily get hold of the attention of your target demographic.

Through innovative means we can maximize on the space to hoist your products by building well customised shelves that can be stretched to occupy space even outside of the tuk tuk. The sheer way this is done fits enough to attract customers for sampling.

2. Easily secure business space

Our Tuk Tuk grants your business the special marketing strategy of mobile marketing. They are used for transportation of people and goods both within and out of the City. These Tuk Tuks reach  everywhere from the Main City Centres to the smallest Rural Areas so having your brand advertised on here gives you the highest visibility possible and it gives your business space a special aura.

3. Tuk Tuks can be easily customised externally

be it by paintings or use of wrappers and canopies in a process that would cost you less that actually preparing a generic space in a souk or common market.

The fancy add-ons would give your business a special, exotic and different look from the rest in an aim to appeal emotively to the customers.

Traders and companies could exploit our new tuk tuks in order to enhance a conventional promotional plan or to just stand out at a popular event or convention. That would mean making more sales and maybe even building a loyal customer base.

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