Uber Vehicle Branding



Uber is a world renowned taxi-hailing companies and it current holds the market share in the Kenyan taxi market with over 10,000 active cars in Nairobi alone. These Uber cars are constantly driving from one end of Nairobi to another. CTL has partnered with Uber in a deal that will allow advertiser to brand a section of the Uber cars in keeping with the branding guidelines set out by Uber. 

One of the major advantages of moving car advertisement is that they have the knack to grab the audience’s attention. Just imagine that you’re standing on the roadside watching hundreds of vehicles passing by you and none of them catches your attention as it’s a routine thing. But as soon as a vehicle passes with a well-crafted design on a wrap, your eyes will be glued to it.

Moreover, it will prompt you to read all the information about that advertisement. That’s how a moving car advertisement accomplishes all the tasks a good advertisement should complete.

Taxi Wrap Advertisement has a larger reach than you think. For a wrap, the average number of impressions per day falls in the range between 30k-40k. Vehicle wrap advertising is a cheaper option compared to billboards, tv commercials, newspaper ads, and radio advertisements.

Moreover, you have to only pay once and it will continue to serve its purpose for a longer period. Whereas, for other platforms, you’ve to pay again once the ad gets expired.

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