Why advertise with us?


1. Affordable


Instead of taking the expensive option of traditional marketing channels, your business can take a creative approach to market its products and publicise the brand by masking tuk tuks, Uber car wraps and mobile billboards. Our traditional channels such as static billboards are also much more affordable compares to other companies. 

2. Cost-effective way to advertise


Our mobile marketing solutions are a lot more cost effective due to their high outreach and affordable price. This cost effectiveness is measured based on a comparison of potential or actual audience and the cost for placement. Combined the mobile marketing solutions would bring in an approximate 100,000 impression per day and as the cost is significantly lower than traditional channels it is more cost-effective.

3. High Visibility


In todays fast moving economy our target consumers are never located in one place that’s why combining these forms of mobile marketing is certain to increase your overall brand visibility compares to traditional channels, this in turn will lead to higher conversion rates, revenue and overall brand loyalty. 

4. Customisable


Be it by branding of TukTuks, Uber cars or mobile billboards each campaign can be individually  customised  in a process that would cost you less than actually preparing a generic space in a souk or common market.

The fancy add-ons would give your business a special, exotic and different look from the rest in an aim to appeal emotively to the customers and stand out.